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The reason we do what we do-

our students 

“I found this whole book interesting.  I have never read anything like it.  Linking neuroscience with education intimidated me, but when I started reading, I realized how useful the science can be.  I took notes while I was reading because there are so many strategies I don’t want to forget.  I also really liked the number of questions you ask throughout the book.  They are the same questions I am asking myself as I am reading. And then you provide the answer!”

-Laura Lavin, itinerant teacher of the Deaf, Montclair Public Schools, Monclair, NJ.


“I really related to the characters throughout the book. I know that throughout school, there were plenty of times when I exhibited behaviors like Katina or Jared who studied for the test but went blank the day of. Now as a teacher, I know what to do for my students.  I am a master procrastinator, so I want to try the Pomodoro strategy to see if it works.  Even the heavy stuff in the book like interleaving and schemas—you explain with examples that I understand."

-Jack Weikert, kindergarden teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Bethlehem, PA

“Uncommon Sense Teaching does a great job stating the material, defining and explaining it, and then gives examples and tips for how teachers can implement it in the classroom. This goes for every chapter. I love 'Learn it, Link it' and how it ties in with direct instruction. The metaphors in the book help relate the hard stuff to what I am familiar with. The key ideas at the end of the chapter are a great review and will help me cement the learning into my neocortex. I love how you use the parts of the brain to tell the story of Hip and Neo!”

-Nicole Smolinsky, full-time substitute teacher, Hazleton Area School District, Hazleton, PA.


Uncommon Sense Teaching will take your teaching to a higher level for whatever subjects you teach and whether you are teaching K-12, university, business, vocational, or at home.

When one teaches, two learn. 

“The pictures you create with words are just as helpful as the actual illustrations in the book. The image of the hiker and race car was really useful. You give so many examples of what the teacher can do in the classroom—three different methods for each situation in Chapter 2 gave me a clear understanding of what I can do to differentiate my teaching.”

-Abbey Hartman, 3rd grade teacher, Northwest Elementary School, Lebanon, PA.


“I just got done reading chapters 1-5!! I loved how it was fun to read. The structure of the book with the headings made it less overwhelming. One of my favorite parts of the chapters was all the practical applications. When reading the book I kept thinking of tips that I want to use with my students.I like how helpful the book is for writing lesson plans!!”

-Grace Brosius, Title 1 Reading teacher, Juanita Elementary School,  Mifflintown, PA.


“Overall, I very much enjoyed reading this book. I felt like time flew while I read it. I can hear and feel the voices of the co-authors on the other side of the text. Uncommon Sense feels almost personal, like a conversation, making it that much more motivating to read. UST lent itself well to many of my different education classes. I use it now in my own classroom with my students." 

-Kristin Zech, 7th grade English teacher, Benton Middle School, Benton, PA.

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